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Animal feeding

If you want to sit in peace with a glass of good wine and something to bite into throughout the day…

What does a typical day on the farm look like? Find out with our shepherd, who will guide you through all the activities and duties of a real farmer. You will feed the animals with him, learn how to move a flock of sheep across the pastures, and the bravest will even try their hand at mucking out the manure.

For the younger children, animal feeding takes place every day from 10 am, in a group of three to four sheep so that your little ones don’t scare away our curious animals. Horse feeding is available only after consultation with our staff; we will be happy to provide treats for the horses to keep you and our horses happy.

For the safety of you and our animals, we ask that you report individual activities in advance to the farm reception. We will also be happy to lend you farm boots there.

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